Wolf Shack


New York Creek, Western Banks, Brooklyn, New York

Known residents:

  • Joe Wolf
  • Skipper Wolf
  • Jack Wolf
  • Rico Wolf
  • Red Squirrel (temporarily)

First Appearance:

New York War

This is an article based on a shack on the banks of the New York Creek, you may be looking for the skirmish

The Wolf Shack is a shack on the Brooklyn side of the New York Creek. It was a hideout for the Wolves, who were members of Al Qaeda until 2012. It was reused by Red Squirrel as a hideout in 2015.



Main Article: Skirmish at the Wolf Shack

In 2012, The Penguins traced the X Network's transmissions, and found the shack. They came to the shack, and found the Wolves. Breaking out a fight, the Penguins attack, and capture the Wolves, and ship them to Beaver Isle.


Main Article: Burning of the Penguin Headquarters

The shack was reused by Red Squirrel in 2015. He used it for weeks, and created a huge pollution problem. Creating a diversion to get into the Zoo. It's unknown if the shack was abandoned or destroyed.


New York War (first appearance)

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