Skipper announces a wrestling match going on, so the captains (him and Mason) have to pick a strong team.


Scene 1: Before the StormEdit

Kowalski is pressing some buttons on a machine. "Oooh, looks like there's going to be a storm today," he said. "We need some kind of storm celebration," said Private. Rico regurgitates papers full of options. Skipper picks them up and reads them. "Rain dance? We're penguins, not ritual-guins," he says as he tosses it to the left. "Prom? There are only four girls," he says as he tosses it to the right. "Aaah, wrestling tournament. Classic."

"We need captains," said Private. "Me and-I don't know. Kowalski, give me options," said Skipper. "Sorry, my option maker is down," said Kowalski. "Rico?" asked Skipper. Rico burped, showing that he needed to refill on possible captains. "Private?" "I think we should do a test to show who's good enough to captain the second team," said Private. "Before the storm, there will be a match!" Skipper yelled at the ceiling.

Scene 2: I Heart Question MarkEdit

"In this penguin stage, we only follow the questions," said Skipper, pointing to a clipboard that showed a question mark on it. "Every penguin will think of five questions for the person. Rico, you get excitement questions. Kowalski, you get intelligence questions. Private, you get sweetness questions. I'll take care of athletic questions," said Skipper.

The penguins checked out the lemurs first. Skipper asked all of them, "How fast do you run?" The highest was Julien and the lowest was Mort. Then he asked, "How strong are you?" Same thing. Then, the others asked their questions. The penguins checked out the rest in this order: flamingos, apes, Marlene, chimpanzees. Mort had the lowest score with 5. Mason had the highest with 50.

Scene 3: Lucky YouEdit

In about five minutes, all the zoo animals were lined up in one line. Skipper and Mason were standing in front of them. The captains were about to pick. It went Mason, then Skipper. "I pick Phil." "I pick Rico." "I pick Kowalski." "I pick Marlene." "I pick Pinky." "I pick Private." "I pick Julien." "I pick Roger." "I pick Becky." "I pick Eggy." "I pick Stacy." "I pick the first chameleon." "I pick the second chameleon." "I pick Bada." "I pick Bing."

The teams went to their captain to get their strategy ready.

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