Character Information
NickName Skorca
Gender Male
Species Balloon, Orca, Skorca
New York
Family Yang family
Raised in New York
(lives in)
New York
Age 7 (died in the second
of the First Sky War)
Talent(s) New York Balloon Parade
Story Information

Yin-Yang is a Skorca (that is a balloon orca), he is the main enemy in the First Sky War. He is also known as Skorca.


Early Years

Announcer: And leading off the New York Balloon Parade for the sixth year, it's Yin-Yang the wonder whale
- Announcer quoting Skorca's history for the six years of his life
Not much can be told by Skorca's past, but in the First Sky War, an announcer quoted Skorca had led off five parades. He could've been made in a balloon factory.

First Sky War

Battle of Downtown

Announcer: I guess all's whale, that ends whale, eh, Jilly
Joey: Move it you bludgers, I'll rip your arms off to scratch my giant orca, Back off my Skorca!
King Julien XIII: Yes, Jumpy one, Defeat this Skorca demon & his costumed minions
Maurice: That guy is worth every penny
King Julien XIII: You see, Maurice, where are those free-for-one Penguin types now
-Lemur Empire combatants against Skorca in the Battle of Downtown.
Skorca and his carriers led off the sixth year parade, but this march had led off the Penguins' alert to his presence and actual existence. Joey ambushed the carriers, and chased them away. The Penguins made a missionary jump on top of Skorca to attack, believing it was a shield. The Penguins begin fighting, but Skorca doesn't feel any pain. Joey jumps on Skorca and bounces Rico, Kowalski & Skipper onto a building. Private's beak cuts Skorca's skin, and makes Skorca go into panic. Skorca then flies off. It might have been possible Skorca got spare parts to replace what Private tore away.====Battle of Central Park 1====

Before the Battle

Skorca crashed down in the balloon factory, defeated, his carriers put him back together and Skorca flew off, stronger than he was at the last battle.

Battle & Death

Skorca fought by flying over the zoo, Private shot lasers and missiles at him. Skorca's response were powerful eye laser blows to the gun's main circuit boards, attacking the gun, nearly destroying, and almost killing, Private. Skorca's eye got broken. Private takes a fatal repeat fire. Skorca, whose already near death, begins to break holes, light streaming out, Skorca then blows up, shattering light crystals.


Skorca was seven years old when he died, The Yang family was gone.


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